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"Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim  book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the ONLY accepted religion on Earth"


                                                                                                       ~ Omar Ahmad

Founder of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)

Major Stealth Jihad Operations
 High Level     
MId Level
Low Level
Government Infiltration      
Institutional Norming       
Disenfranchised Alliances
Global Initiatives
Disarming Religious Dissent
Political Control
Language Deception

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Do you now understand the terms, "Tayiqqa" and "Abrogation?  If not, watch it again.

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the stealth JIHAD strategy to takeover America

"Make no mistake - America is at war with Islam and she always has been. The U.S. Navy was actually created in 1775 for the explicit purpose of fighting Islam; namely, the Barbary Pirates".

                                                                  ~ Author

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the stealth JIHAD strategy to take over America



    In a nutshell, Islam is the most insidious and cunning force the world has ever known. It is essentially a totalitarian political ideology cloaked as a religion (for a shield), which makes it an order of magnitude more dangerous than Communism or even Nazism.

      America is now fighting a two front (good cop/bad cop) war with Islam, which is now operating between the first and second stage of jihad in America. The strategy is incredibly simple, yet amazingly effective. Essentially, while pious Muslims commit unspeakable atrocities on every continent of the globe and command worldwide attention, subversive Muslim groups (in suits) occupying America are working feverishly, 24/7, to force Islam upon the overly-accommodating citizens who do not notice the "soft jihad" going on right under their noses. It is this stealth or soft jihad that is the main front in the war - NOT the terror. It has always worked and it will work again - IS working again, as America is already proving she is no exception. To see a preview of what's to come in America, simply look at  Europe. It is rapidly crumbling under the weight of Islamic immigration and its subsequent demands. This is YOUR wake up call.

    The stealth jihad is primarily made up of the categories listed below. Visit each category and study the files. You will certainly be shocked at what Americans are allowing to happen as they move closer each day to losing everything they've always taken for granted..

      Watch the following 8 minute excellent video  to                                                             get  a good overview of the main points to remember.