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It's no secret that the entire empire of Islam was built on the precepts of deception, intimidation and terrorism.  Mohammad, the founder of Islam, either intimidated entire tribes into converting to Islam or ordered them killed  if they refused. Now, 1400 years later, little has changed. There are literally hundreds of thousands of modern-day examples of different types of Islamic intimidation at every level and in every country where there is a Muslim presence.  We review three types below to give the reader an idea of the diversity of Islamic intimidation. Internet searches will turn up thousands more.

 In October 2012, a public education elementary school teacher in Chesapeake, VA was arrested on charges of assault for blooding the hand of a student for not performing Islamic hand signs correctly. In 2011, another public school in Mansfield, Texas got caught by parents while attempting to force all students to learn Arabic language. In Murfreesboro, TN, parents recently discovered a plot by the local Muslim population to intimidate the local school board with threats of lawsuits if they did not grant special privileges to Muslim students.....


Is Islam REALLY a Religion?

the stealth JIHAD strategy to take over America


PARENT ALERT!  Your Children Are Being Islamized at Schools All Across America!!


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Muslims are instructed by the Quran to act friendly and "go with the flow"  when first arriving in a new country in small numbers. However, as their numbers grow to about 1-2% of the population, they evolve from acting like a benign group to one that starts to demand that their cultural norms not only be recognized, but in many cases become superior.  As these demands are met with accommodation by an unsuspecting and welcoming public, institutionalization begins to occur. Once that starts to happen, the demands become more aggressive. This is the transition from Phase I to Phase II of civilizational jihad.  

Mid-Level Attacks on America


the stealth JIHAD strategy to takeover America


 If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, is it REALLY a duck?,