the stealth JIHAD strategy to take over America


1. Disenfranchised Alliances

Has Islam Changed Over Time?

* For a full analysis on the fallacy of the Abrahamic connection, see the Interfaith Dialogue report at the link above.

3. Language Deception

Low-Level Attacks on America

One of the main precepts of Islam is deception. As you learned in the Big Picture section earlier under Key Points of Islam, lying is not only permissible but is even encouraged in Islam. You also learned that everyday words that Americans use, like "innocent", have entirely different meanings to Muslims. This language deception is a major weapon in conducting the stealth jihad in America. Therefore, it is incumbent on all American citizens to study and learn the words and phrases most commonly used to deceive. If you learn what is presented here, you will begin to see Islam clearly, perhaps for the first time.

When Muslims began occupying America in large numbers, they realized that if their takeover plan was to be successful, they would eventually need to neuter organized religious dissent.  But, there was plenty of time left as they were mostly in stealth mode and going about their sedition largely unnoticed.  All of that changed after the 9/11 Islamic murders of over 3000 innocent Americans. Time was now not on their side as Islam was thrust into the limelight. They immediately created new "Interfaith Dialogue" initiatives and kicked them into high gear. Playing upon the American spirit of compromise (no such word in Arabic language), Christian and Jewish organizations joined up in droves, never bothering to challenge the Islamic texts or insure reciprocity. And, even though Muslims had used this same playbook for  centuries to gain advantage over their adversaries, many of America's religious groups arrogantly and naively decided that they could do what every nation in the world had been unable to do for 1400 years.  Sadly, it is all a scam. Interfaith Dialogue is all based on the Biblical "Abrahamic" connection. Once again, another scam.  

2. Disarming Religious Dissent

No Worries, America!

Muslims have big, sneaky plans for America. However, since their numbers represent only 1-2% of the population, they realize they can "leap the number barrier" quickly by co-opting others. The basic plan is to locate every disenfranchised group in America and amplify their grievances to the point that the disparate groups see Muslims as their natural allies. This is well illustrated in the black riots in Ferguson, MO., for example, where Islamic activists were actually fueling the protests and trying to draw equivalence with the  plight of the Palestinians. Another excellent example is CAIR's attempt to co-opt Native American issues.  

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Wow! That's a LOT of Sneaky deception, isn't it?

Now, It's Time to Learn About Islam - Go!


the stealth JIHAD strategy to takeover America

 Why all of this terrorism, all of a sudden?  Is this something new?